Hugo Render provides visualization support to your clients struggling to interpret and understand architectural, engineering, and other design/planning schemes such as landscape designs, interior design, and even street cityscapes. The lay audience often cannot interpret a schematic drawing in a three dimensional, concrete way. Even sophisticated clients struggle to "feel" a potential space represented by blueprints and even 3-D models.

Hugo Render can translate virtually all formats of 3-D models including Revit, Sketchup, and OBJ file formats and 2-D CAD plans into a rendering or animation of how that space would look and feel if completed as designed. Our renderings not only include accurate and beautifully expressed architectural and structural information, but also permit potential embellishments such as landscaping, lighting, and interior design.

Our renderings are artistically refined and accurately translated from your platforms. We are able to deliver our work product to you with unprecedented turn around speeds, typically generating a rendering/animation from a provided model within a couple of days depending on the quality and format of the original model.

If you want to compellingly transport your clients from two dimensional thinking to three dimensional reality without the handicap of uncertain visualization and tentativeness, Hugo Render can help. Our renderings not only communicate data but deliver a unique experience that leaves clients excited, confident, and inspired.

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